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San Francisco   top
North BeachmapRanked as one of America’s top 10 neighborhoods. Italian. Great for walking.
ChinatownmapOldest Chinatown in North America.
Fisherman’s WharfmapThings for locals to do on the wharf.
Union SquareOne of the largest shopping areas in the U.S.
Russian HillmapSights to see on Russian Hill.
The PresidiomapAlmost 50% bigger than Golden Gate Park and in many ways better.
The MarinamapBetween Fisherman’s Wharf and the Presidio. See live webcam of the Bay from St. Francis Yacht Club.
Golden Gate ParkmapA San Francisco classic. Considered to be the best city park in the U.S.
Ocean BeachmapThe longest beach in SF, the best parts of which you have probably never seen.
Outer Sunset-JudahmapFunky neighborhood at beach end of Juda St. Some locals call it “‘little Santa Cruz”.
The MissionmapA long Mexican heritage shows here but many restaurants are becoming gentrified.
Hayes ValleymapHayes Street is turning into a great little shopping & eating area.
SoMamapThings to see and do south of Market Street.
  EmbarcaderomapOnly locals really properly enjoy the City’s eastern bay shoreline.
  MissionCreekmapA nice new park near the SF Giants Stadium.
  DogpatchmapHip new area that is attracting interesting restaurants and coffee shops.
  Portrero Hill mapNice place to live with good access to south bay as well as the City.


Best CoffeemapWhere to find great coffee & atmosphere in SF.
Best BakeriesmapThe best SF baked goods are here.
Coffee+BakerymapShows SF coffee houses & bakeries on one map.
Best Dog ParksmapShows exact locations of best SF dog parks.

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Marin Highlights   top
Marin HeadlandsmapTop places to go in Marin Headlands just north of Golden Gate Bridge.
SausalitomapHighlights of Sausalito.
Sausalito-TiburonmapHighlights of Tiburon & Sausalito.

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Half Moon Bay Coastline   top
Half Moon BaymapBest things to see and do along HMB coast.
HMB Trails & BeachesmapThe best trails & beaches along HMB coast.
Princeton-by-the-SeamapAlso includes El Granada. Live webcam at Sam’s Chowder House and webcam at Miramar Beach Restaurant a bit further south on Mirada Road.
PacificamapNear San Francisco.
MontaramapA beautiful little seaside town with several things to do.

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Mid-Peninsula   top
Stanford-Palo AltomapBest things to do and see around Stanford & Palo Alto
  California AvemapCalifornia Ave neighborhood, Palo Alto
Skyline RidgemapBike or drive Skyline Ridge. A nice adventure.
San Mateo CountymapWhat to see and do in San Mateo County.
  Canada Rd-Bicycle SundaymapBicycle Sunday route highlights. Good for beginners.
  Foster CitymapThe Lagoon is perfect for water sports and picnics.
  Redwood ShoresmapBeautiful Redwood Shores neighborhood with great marshlands nature trails.
  Crystal Springs SCmapNice neighborhood shopping center right by Hwy 280 & Hwy 92.

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South Bay   top
Los GatosmapBest things to see and do in Los Gatos.
   WineriesmapBest wine tasting near Los Gatos
San JosemapBest things to see and do near downtown San Jose.

East Bay   top
East BaymapBest things to see and do in East Bay.
Old Town Nilesmaphistorical old railroad town

Other   top
CarmelmapBest attractions near Carmel-by-the-Sea.
Morgan HillmapBest things to see and do near Morgan Hill.
Hollister areamapBest things to see and do in San Benito County.
Shopping MallsmapBest shopping malls & streets in SF Bay.

Using this growing collection of focused treasure maps is a great way to quickly find the best things to do this coming weekend.

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