Lyon Street Steps
San Francisco, CA

Lyon Street stairs is one of the most wonderful places in all of wonderful San Francisco, indeed in all of the world. See map, details, and related pages below.

Pictures can't do it justice!

Pictures can’t do it justice!

Just being at the summit of these steps is a mystical Zen experience truly difficult to describe. The feeling of the sky and air where you are standing is amazing. And, spread out before you are fabulous views of the Palace of Fine Arts Dome, the blue San Francisco Bay, and a fog shrouded sky beyond. To the west is the Presidio forest and to the east are amazing old Pacific Heights mansions with their manicured lawns and many balconies.

     It almost feels like heaven!

This is also a good place to start a dream walk. Try heading north down the 332 steps towards SF Bay. Then go by way of the Letterman Digital Arts Center, Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Promenade, and on to Fort Point (or even over the Golden Gate Bridge for more serious hikers). See more details to help guide you on this hike at The Presidio page and map.

As you might expect this is an area where the seriously wealthy live.  The house at 2640 Lyon St & Vallejo St (adjacent the steps at the upper right of the picture above) was purchased by Dianne Feinstein & her billionaire husband Richard Blum in January 2006 for $16 million.  It has 19 rooms with 9 baths.    The western blocks of Broadway, at the top of Lyon Street Steps  between 2600-3000 Broadway St., is called Billionaires Row or the Gold Coast.  There you can find residences owned by Gordon Getty, the son of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty (at 2870-2880 Broadway), Oracle Founder Larry Ellison (at 2850 Broadway), Mimi Haas of the  Levi Strauss Haas family (at 2800 Broadway), and several others just as wealthy but less famous.

Some fortunate locals visit often but most tourists and even many locals don’t know how to find it. Therefore, the steps are usually not crowded and parking can be found at both ends. (e.g., at Lyon St/Broadway St at the top and Lyon St/Green St at the bottom).

You may hold down left click button to drag this map, double left click on map to move in closer, or double right click on map to move out.

Lyon Street Steps, Broadway & Lyon Street

A Typical Reader’s Comment —
Up and down the steps on Lyon Street:  Oh! what a wonderful feeling it was to escape to this area of SFO.  I was there on a recent Saturday afternoon after visiting the fun but crowded Washington Square in North Beach. It just happened that as I was waiting for my bus to return to Union Square I realized that if I took the same bus (#45) but in the opposite direction it would take me to the bottom of the Lyon Street Steps in Pacific Heights … what a great decision it was to go in that direction since what followed was the most rewarding experience of visiting SFO during beautiful spring weather. I had heard of the Lyon Street Steps but never anticipated such beautiful and manicured surroundings and the views of the city combined with the magnificent homes of Pacific Heights made a complete afternoon of delight which was finished with early Dinner/Happy Hour at a Thai restaurant in the Union Street Shops in the nearby Cow Hollow area … highly recommended as a more authentic and local experience in such touristy city!

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