Best Towns & Cities
To See Near San Francisco
There’s much more to see than just “The City”

The towns and cities near San Francisco Bay abound with treasure troves of natural wonders, especially along the coast lines and mountain tops. Below we’ve cherry picked out a few of the very best things to do  in towns near San Francisco. Our SF Bay Area city & town maps also identify specific local highlights and current weather conditions.

See different towns within these major areas below:
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silicon-valley  santa-cruz  east-bay

Marin — north of SF across Golden Gate Bridge

SausalitomapNifty village easily accessible by ferry
Marin HeadlandsmapBeautiful views from just across Golden Gate Bridge
TiburonmapSmall bayside town further north
  • Sausalito— One of the best little seaside towns in the world is just an exciting 30 minute ferry boat ride away (or a longer bike ride via the Golden Gate Bridge). See the Sausalito-Tiburon map for exact locations.
  • Marin Headlands— Stunning views and unique things to do just across Golden Gate bridge. Also see the Headlands map.
  • Tiburon— Tiburon means “shark” in Spanish. It’s a beautiful little town a few minutes north of Sausalito by car or ferry. See Sausalito-Tiburon map

Half Moon Bay Coastline — just south of SF

Beaches & TrailsmapBeaches & trails along the coast
Coastal Townsmapshows ALL coastal towns below
Half Moon BaymapSpanishtown-oldest town in county
MontaramapBeautiful little residential town
Princeton-by-the-SeamapPrinceton Harbor and more
El GranadamapLittle-known parks
PescaderomapNice Sunday drive
  • Best towns and sights to see while driving Cabrillo Hwy (Hwy1) down the coast south of San Francisco. From Montara to Santa Cruz is a superb stretch of coastal road for a Sunday drive; but, start reasonably early (e.g., 9:30-10 am) to avoid slow traffic. Also see coast map.
  • Best trails & beaches along the Half Moon Bay Coast. Also see trails map.
  • Half Moon Bay— County’s oldest settlement known as Spanishtown in the 1840s. Still the biggest little town on the coast. See coast-town map
  • Montara— A relaxed hidden jewel with great weather and ocean views.
  • Princeton-by-the-Sea— Excellent beach walks, restaurants, & some retail. See map
  • El Granada— Sleepy residential town with great parks for hiking. See map
  • Pescadero— A short & particularly beautiful coastal drive gets you there.

San Mateo County — just south of SF

Skyline RidgemapA great Sunday drive on the mountains
Bicycle SundaysmapScenic ride along Canada Rd to Woodside
San Mateo CountymapThings to do in county
Foster CitymapLike a beautiful resort with water sports
Redwood ShoresmapMarshland nature hikes
  • Skyline Ridge— Driving or biking Skyline is a treat most SF dwellers have never heard about. Also see Skyline map.
  • Bicycle Sundays— Canada Road in Belmont provides a low-key biking adventure for adults and kids. See map. Nearby is also Sawyer Camp Trail, a very popular biking and hiking venue.
  • San Mateo— A pleasant suburb between San Francisco & Palo Alto. See a San Mateo County map.
  • Foster City— It feels surprisingly like a resort yet is just off Hwy 101 & Hwy 92. A walk along the lagoon is a nice urban break or rent a paddle boat or go swimming.  See map.
  • Redwood Shores— Like Foster City but newer with better nature trails. Both Foster City and Redwood Shores have excellent family biking along the shoreline around their perimeters. See map.

Silicon Valley — further south

Stanford-Palo AltomapThe true heart of Silicon Valley
  California AvemapNice older commercial street near Stanford
San JosemapThings to do
Los GatosmapGood destination near San Jose
Morgan HillmapA suburb south of San Jose
HollistermapA nice day trip even further south
  • Stanford-Palo Alto— Home of Stanford and Hewlett-Packard, Inc. Lots of wealthy Stanford grads, doctors, and famous businessmen like Steve Jobs live around here for a reason; they like it. Also see Stanford-Palo Alto map.
  • San Jose— Has a larger population than SF (948,000 vs 809,000) and is ranked among the top 10 most livable large cities in the US. Feels more like a giant suburb than a city. Has a few interesting gems to check out. Also see San Jose map.
  • Los Gatos— This upscale little town is a great place to visit Sunday mornings. We like it better than Mill Valley in Marin. Also see Los Gatos map.

Santa Cruz & south

Santa CruzOld resort area, new college town
CapitolaBeautiful little old resort town
Carmel by the SeamapFamous artist town
HollistermapA nice inland day trip
  • Santa Cruz— Resort community with a famous old (1907) oceanfront amusement park with its Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster. Home of UC Santa Cruz.
  • Capitola— Historic little resort town. It has the nicest weather & beach around as well as an adjacent shopping area.
  • Carmel by the Sea— Former artist haven with nifty main street shops, a unique little beach, and the famous 17 mile drive. Clint Eastwood was once the town mayor. But, it’s a long round trip for one day. Also see Carmel map.

East Bay

East BaymapHas a few good attractions
Nilesmapinteresting old railroad town

“The Big City” is obviously great. But so are the many other fabulous cities, towns, beaches & mountains near San Francisco Bay. Don’t miss them!

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