Mission Creek Park, SF, CA

Mission Creek Park, San Francisco, CA
Your dog will like it too!

Mission Creek houseboats

Houseboats in Mission Creek

Mission Creek Park, SF, is a gem both you and your dog will enjoy — hidden among the big buildings, overhead freeways, and parking lots — within San Francisco’s new Mission Bay neighborhood.

Mission Creek itself terminates in San Francisco Bay at McCovey Cove, right behind the SF Giant’s stadium where many Barry Bond’s homers splashed down. See map below for exact location.

This pleasant place to walk provides a quiet getaway with nice landscaping and water scenery. It also has plenty of other recreation including park benches & grassy knolls to sit on, a boat launch area, kayaks, and excellent courts for tennis, basketball, & volleyball. At the westerly 7th Street end is an off-leash dog park.

South Side of Mission Park

On the south side of Mission Creek north of Channel Street are three rolling acres of grass, trees, park benches and pathways. The water scenery provides views of well lived-in houseboats you would not expect to find in an expensive urban city.

mission creek park grass

pathways through grassy knolls

boat launch, Mission Creek Park

houseboats & boat launch

West Side of Mission Park

At the southwest end traverse a dirt path around Mission Creek to where an off-leash dog park and other sports facilities can be found. We use the fenced dog park as a nice off-leash break for our dog during his on-leash walk. It has a well maintained gravel surface, for easy washing by the park department, with some grass and shaded benches.

mission creek park off-leash dog park

off-leash dog park
walk under freeway, Mission Creek Park

walking under freeway

North Side of Mission Park

On the north side of the creek is a first-class paved esplanade overlooking the Mission Creek waterway. During our strolls we always jump over a block to Philz Coffee Shop at 4th St. & Berry St. for some of the most highly-rated coffee in town.

mission creek park esplanade

Long paved esplanade along the north side of Mission Creek
Giants Promenade

Giants Promenade looking over McCovey Cove

Continuing on to AT&T Ballpark and The Embarcadero

Mission Creek houseboats

Watch the Giants for FREE (through fence behind right field)

For an extended walking adventure continue northeast past 4th St. along the China Basin Building promenade and then on to the Giants Promenade.

From Giants Promenade you can see, for free, baseball games being played through the right field fence. Often, when games are not being played, you can get inside the ballpark via the entrance to the free SF Giants Childrens Play Area.

After you have checked out AT&T Ballpark then continue on up The Embarcadero and beyond. There is plenty more to do if you like long walks or are riding a bike.

Mission Creek Park is one of those unexpected little gems that make San Francisco such a treat. Check it out if you live nearby or want to add some variety to your (and your dog’s) life.

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