Best Fun Things To Do In SF

A guide for local insiders to hidden San Francisco Bay treasures
For something new, unique, and wonderful to do this weekend  check out best events, SF neighborhoods or visit one of very nifty nearby cities. For more details also see our accurate maps of things to do & the menus on top.  As Forrest Gump would say, life (in & around San Francisco) is like a big box of chocolates; we’ll help you pick out the very best ones! heart-in-sf

We hope you enjoy this growing collection of the very best things to do in San Francisco Bay area — fun, wonderful, magical experiences.   And, come back often.   It’s a treasure map to hidden San Francisco gems, a shortcut to the “best of the best” things to do which even lifetime locals often miss.  If something is just “good” we will usually skip it to save your time for the very “best.”

Table of Contents

San Francisco neighborhood guide
SF neighborhoods are one of the niftiest things about this City.  We show you the most unique, interesting, and beautiful.

Best cities & towns to see near San Francisco
There are many more marvelous sights to see in the greater Bay Area than most visitors and even residents could ever imagine. You’ve just got to know where to find them.

Maps showing the precise locations of specific hidden SF gems
We’ve definitely been there ourselves and can show you precise locations of the best things to do and see. Exactly where they are is sometimes not clearly shown on Google nor known by locals. Now there’s no need to fumble around looking for these treasures … and our maps also provide links to relevant Google and Yelp pages as well.

San Francisco activities
Fun active things to do around the SF Bay area. Includes do-it-yourself walking tours and best places to bike in and around San Francisco.

San Francisco attractions
Unique and interesting attractions for locals and sophisticated tourists. Quickly find some great SF Bay area sights you might otherwise miss.

San Francisco restaurant reviews & food
Find the best restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, food marketsice cream, and other handpicked sources of tasty, unique food.

Site map of hidden gems & best finds
Use this extensive site map and site search capability to quickly locate special things you would like to see and do.

Look around the site for top things to do in San Francisco Bay area. Even if you are a local insider you are sure to find a real gem you have missed.

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